Sunday, January 1, 2017

Resolutions ?

Hey guys,

I just realized that its been a very long time since I posted, caught up on all work, useless time consuming activities, binge watching TV shows and mostly being unproductive. I was the literal definition of a couch potato the past year. So as every New Year approaches, I made a list of resolution that I am going to follow beginning today, mostly I am going to quit all of them before next week but I think there is going to be an exception this year, which is the fifth point in my list of 10 New Year resolution, looking fit.
To start of, I am not that fat ! My BMI says I am overweight by a very thin margin. Despite what my BMI says; I appear fat, like huge(eeeee) !

I surfed online to see what I can do about this, and most results included dieting and eating less etc. I am not a huge fan of dieting, you have to cut on your favorite food, eat more of what I hate; its a huge process, not a fan.

Surfing for long hours, attempting to waste the few hours left of 2016, I arrived at no results apart from various types of dieting.

Since surfing proved to be useless, I was forced a make decision on my own on how to look fit at the same time not give up on food which led me to conclude that the only solution to this problem was to eat all I want and exercise !

To be honest I have never tried exercising, I found it to be an absurd method to utilize time, but its not like I do anything useful anyway.

So starting from today, I decided to attempt all these home exercises I found on YouTube, to actually attend Karate classes which I often skip and to eat a lot of varieties but in less quantity.

My biggest fear is not if this is going to work or not, but if this resolution is going to be my priority as I travel through what I hope to be a better year than the last one.

Wishing you a Happy New Year !

Until next time
-Abubakr Sajith